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  • PA Demands Israel Face ICC Over Gaza Border Riots
    Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki met with International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda at The Hague on Tuesday and demanded that Israel be brought before the court on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes for measures it took in recent weeks to contain riots on the Gaza border. The PA’s accusations also […]
  • Paraguay Opens Embassy in Jerusalem
    Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were on hand Monday morning at a ceremony to mark the opening of the third foreign embassy in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. “Recognition of Jerusalem represents a change in the global political map: More and more countries support our positions and want to strengthen […]
  • Israeli Officials Blast UNHRC for Biased Decisions
    A decision on Friday afternoon by the UN Human Rights Council to launch a commission of inquiry into Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, following the recent Hamas-inspired riots on the Gaza border was blasted by Israeli officials as a pre-determined attempt to blame Israel for the violence. “There […]
  • Guatemalan Embassy Opens in Jerusalem
    Wednesday morning, in offices on the third floor of a high-rise office building in the Malha Technological Park in Jerusalem, the embassy of Guatemala to Israel was inaugurated. "This is the beginning of something extraordinary," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, along with dozens of senior officials from the two countries, as […]
  • Escalation on Gaza Border Following Attack on Sderot
    The Israeli Air Force hit several military posts of the Islamist terror militia Hamas in the Gaza Strip overnight Wednesday in retaliation for heavy machine gun fire which hit the border town of Sderote and for gunfire directed at IDF troops at various points along the border during the day. "The terrorist organization Hamas is […]
  • Smaller Crowds Show Up for Gaza Border Riots on Tuesday
    Smaller crowds estimated at less than 5,000 people showed up to riot at five points along the border between the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and Israel on Tuesday, with the IDF using tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition to contain the most violent elements. Two rioters were reportedly killed and around 100 others wounded in […]
  • US Blames Hamas for Deadly Gaza Riots
    The Trump Administration in the US blamed Hamas for the deaths of 58 Palestinian rioters and the wounding of hundreds more in a series of violent incidents along the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Monday, while many other governments around the world blamed Israel to varying degrees for the situation. Turkey and South […]
  • Netanyahu Joyfully Welcomes US Embassy in Jerusalem
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke joyfully Monday afternoon at the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, saying "What a glorious day. Remember this moment! President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history. All of us are deeply moved. All of us are deeply grateful… Thank you President Trump, for having the courage […]
  • Jerusalem Prepares for Official Opening of US Embassy
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presided over a reception Sunday evening to mark both the culmination of “Jerusalem Day” and the imminent opening of the US Embassy in the capital. “President Donald Trump is making history,” Netanyahu said, with the US President’s daughter Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner sitting at a table nearby. “We […]
  • Large-Scale Riots Rock Gaza Border Region
    Large-scale riots broke out at several points along the border between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Monday morning following a weekend which saw the IDF destroy a Hamas terror tunnel. “The terrorist tunnels prove the Hamas terrorist organization’s cynicism toward the residents of the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said. Despite multiple warnings from Israel […]