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  • Fragile Calm Returns to Gaza Border Region
    A tense calm appeared to have settled on the border between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Friday morning following intense airstrikes on Hamas military infrastructure in the Strip by the IDF overnight. US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters in Washingotn, “Overall, we condemn the launching of missile attacks into Israel and call […]
  • Israel Close to War After Rocket Barrage from Gaza
    Residents of southwestern Israel spent much of Wednesday night and early Thursday morning in bomb shelters as over 200 mortars and rockets were fired at them by terrorists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The IDF retaliated by hitting over 100 military facilities run by Hamas, while the Iron Dome air defense system shot down 25 […]
  • Archeologists Make Impressive Find in Jerusalem
    There were several exciting developments in Israel’s archeological community this week, with a dig at the City of David excavations just south of Jerusalem’s Old City producing a gold earring from the early Hellenistic Period, roughly 300 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. The earing, cast in gold and bearing the image of the […]
  • China Says It Will Continue to Trade with Iran Despite Sanctions
    The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday declaring that recently re-imposed sanctions on Iran by the US would not affect trade relations between Teheran and Beijing. "China has consistently opposed unilateral sanctions and long-armed jurisdiction," the statement said. "China's commercial cooperation with Iran is open and transparent, reasonable, fair and lawful, not violating […]
  • Haredi IDF Draft Law Mandated by Supreme Court
    Israel’s High Court of Justice issued a ruling Tuesday granting the government a mere three additional months to enact legislation regulating the enlistment of Ultra-Orthodox (haredI) men into the IDF, instead of the seven months the government had requested. The move set the clock ticking to 2 December, when the government must either finalize a […]
  • Israeli Firefighters and Nurses Protest Working Conditions
    Israel saw street demonstrations and strikes this week, as public sector workers protested against their difficult working conditions and the slow pace of the government’s efforts to address their grievances. Monday morning saw hundreds of firefighters from around the country gathering in front of the Tel Aviv Government Complex, blocking roads and holding up signs […]
  • Israel Praises Renewed US Sanctions on Iran
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement Monday evening saying “I congratulate President Trump and the US administration for making the important decision to impose sanctions on Iran. This is an important moment for Israel, the US, the region and the entire world.” He added an exhortation to European governments to follow the American […]
  • Violent Weekend Raises Tensions on Gaza Border
    The border between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip was the scene of intense activity over the weekend, with dozens of fires being set by arson kites and balloons sent into Israeli territory from inside the Strip and a large riot at border points resulting in the deaths of two rioters, with many more being […]
  • Netanyahu Firm as Opposition to Nation-State Law Grows
    A demonstration against the recently passed “Jewish Nation-State Law” was held Saturday evening in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, with estimates of attendance ranging in the tens of thousands. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Cabinet meeting Sunday morning by declaring that “Without the Nation-State Law, it is impossible to guarantee for future generations […]
  • Iran Launches War Games in Persian Gulf
    The Iranian armed forces launched a large naval exercise in the Persian Gulf on Thursday, despite loud protests from its neighbors and a growing movement of street protests in several Iranian cities against the increasingly difficult economic circumstances in the country. Military analysts speculated that the drills, which mostly involve simulated attacks on large ships […]